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USPSA Board Meeting Agenda - Nov 2017
USPSA Headquarters
Nov 17, 2017


USPSA Board of Directors Meeting

November 28, 2017

  1. Executive Session-All
  2. Financial Reports-DFO
  3. Nationals Slot Distribution Policy-President/DME
  4. Administrative Policy Review-DFO/President
  5. Audit Plan-DFO/Committee
  6. Multi-gun Rules-DNROI/Committee
  7. Steel Challenge Rules-DNROI/Committee
  8. USPSA Production Division Handgun Rules-DNROI
  9. Executive Session-President/DFO
  10. Area Match details, marketing, requirements-DME
  11. Affiliate requirements, and disaffiliation-DME
  12. Funding Review for Practiscore Contract-DME/DFO