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NROI April Update
USPSA Headquarters
Apr 25, 2018

NROI Endorsements

NROI has had Multigun (MG) training and endorsement for several years and has just produced and tested a Steel Challenge Shooting Association (SCSA) module as well. Both of these options may be added to a Level One or Level II seminar, for an additional cost per student.  The pricing for these modules currently under review but will not exceed $20 per student.  If you are already certified at some level, we are developing an online LMS system that will enable you to earn your MG or SCSA endorsement with the completion of a training module and test, for a nominal fee.  These endorsements will show under your personal profile, beneath your NROI certification level, thusly:


Certification Level: RO
Multigun Endorsement: 
SCSA Endorsement: 


It’s important to remember that you cannot earn any endorsement unless you are already NROI certified at some level, such as Range Officer, Chief Range Officer, or Range Master. 


Test Issues

We are still finding issues with the recertification and certification test systems.  Some of those include complicated questions, duplicated questions, poor formatting on the rules, and some of the usual computer glitches.  We are working hard to improve the testing system, and are listening to your complaints and suggestions.  One of the most commonly requested items is a printable exam—that one is in the works.  Another is the ability to review and edit your answers prior to submitting the test in its entirety, as opposed to one question at a time.  I realize that the system can be frustrating, but please be patient as we work out the kinks.  Until we put it out there and started seeing some of the issues encountered by the members, it was difficult to gauge the difficulty or complexity of the system.  As always, if you have issues with your exam, email me at [email protected]. 


Troy McManus