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2020 US IPSC National Championship Cancellation
USPSA Headquarters
Jul 17, 2020

Dear USPSA Members, 

You may have heard about the cancellation of the 2020 US IPSC National Championship.  In order to avoid confusion about this cancellation, I’d like to let you know what the IPSC Nationals is, why it was canceled, and why it doesn’t affect other matches in the US, including the USPSA National Championships scheduled for September and October of this year. 

What is the US IPSC National Championship? 
Each year, IPSC Regions are required to host an IPSC Level 3 National Championship Match to maintain their status as an IPSC Region.  IPSC maintains standards for sanctioning all Level 3 Championships that include the use of IROA Certified Range Officers.  Traditionally this match is also one of the events used to determine slot distribution to IPSC Handgun World Championships.  In 2020, as every third year, the match is not used as a World Shoot qualifier.  Slots and teams were selected based on 2018 and 2019 USPSA and IPSC National Championships.   Every third year there is a reduction in attendance for this event by competitors from the United States. 

Why was the match canceled? 
The decision to cancel was not taken lightly.  In addition to the reduced attendance by World Shoot hopefuls, International travel restrictions have made entry into the United States difficult and for some, impossible.  These restrictions, along with COVID-19 concerns have made getting IROA Certified Range Officers difficult.  IPSC Level 3 Championships are required to have IROA officials to be sanctioned by IPSC.  IROA recently released a strict set of guidelines for social distancing and personal protection equipment requirements for IROA Range Officers.   

Match Director Shannon Smith and I worked closely with IPSC and IROA leadership to determine a suitable solution.  Through this interaction, IPSC leaders decided that status of all IPSC Regions in 2021 will not be based on 2020, but rather revert to 2019.  This will have to be ratified at the IPSC General Assembly, but currently has the support of IPSC leadership and all of the Regions with whom I have been in contact. 

Does this affect the USPSA National Championships? 
The USPSA National Championships are not affected by any of these factors.  We have our own NROI certified Range Officers, Chief Range Officers, and Range Masters.  We currently have enough competitors registered to support quality competition and adequately fund a quality event to our own high standards.  We simply do not have to rely on international competitors and IROA RO’s, as is necessary for the IPSC Nationals.  In the US, we produced 4,933 USPSA matches last year, with over 80 level 2 and 3 championships.  We maintain over 5000 NROI Certified Range Officers.  We have everything we need in the US to produce quality National Championships each year. 

To summarize, the IPSC Nationals was canceled due to a lack of participation, a lack of IROA range officers, and the inability to produce an event to IPSC standards, and the standards of the Match Director and USPSA.  The USPSA Nationals will move ahead as scheduled. 

Mike Foley, USPSA President & CEO, IPSC Regional Director