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USPSA BOD Meeting Agenda February 20-21, 2021
USPSA Headquarters
Feb 11, 2021


USPSA Board of Directors Meeting February 20-21, 2021


2.Year in review, 2020-President

3.Appointment of Vice President and Secretary-President

4.Committee Appointments for 2021-President

5.Media, Marketing, and Sponsorship-DME

6.National Range Officer Institute-DNROI

7.Information, Technology, and Infrastructure-DIT

8.Finance and Operations-DFO

9.October, November, and Year-end preliminary financial report-DFO

10. USPSA and SCSA Affiliate Report-DME

11. Opportunities-President & DME

12. Member Termination Protocol Discussion-all

13. Equipment Review and Rules Discussion-President, DNROI & DME

14. Executive Session-Legal Health Report-President

15. Executive Session-Officer Review-Compensation Committee Chair

16. Executive Session- Organizational Committee Report-Chair