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USPSA & SCSA Club Affiliations for 2024
USPSA Headquarters
Dec 08, 2023
The reaffiliation process for USPSA and Steel Challenge Affiliated Clubs began on December 1, 2023.  The designated club contact or match director has to be logged in to the website in order to access the Club Reaffiliation link to start the reaffiliation process (https://uspsa.org/reaffiliate). Visit USPSA.org and select Club Resources, then select Reaffiliate.. If your USPSA club is also affiliated with Steel Challenge, you will be able to do the reaffiliation for your SCSA club online. Please make sure to complete the process for your USPSA club first so you will not be charged for the SCSA club.

For 2023, USPSA affiliated clubs were required to hold a minimum of seven USPSA matches, with four separate matches offering at least one classifier stage. SCSA affiliated clubs were required to hold a minimum of three matches with at least two of the official stages. Please ensure that all of your match results and activities for 2023 have been uploaded and paid before you begin the reaffiliation process. It is the intent of USPSA to reaffiliate all clubs for 2024, whether or not they were able to meet the minimum requirement of the seven matches and four classifiers. If your club was not able to meet the requirement, per the bylaws, you will be able to request an exemption in the provided field on the website. Please include all details, including a link to your Practiscore results, and the information will be reviewed for consideration. A copy of the request will be sent to your Section Coordinator to authorize your request for exemption. Please ensure that all matches that were held have been submitted and paid for before requesting an exemption.

As a reminder, affiliated clubs have an obligation per the bylaws to submit all results for all participants, including non‐members, to USPSA within 30 days. This submission can be done electronically; activity fees can be submitted electronically or paid by check within 30 days to the USPSA office. The activity fee schedule shown below is a requirement for all contestants who participate in the matches, member and non‐member alike.

Remember that this is for all USPSA and SCSA matches. The seven matches are a minimum; if your club holds more than the minimum, it is still required to submit the associated results and activity fees to USPSA. SCSA matches do not count towards the minimum number of USPSA matches required, but will be taken into consideration if a club needs to request an exemption when it is unable to satisfy the minimum requirements. If your USPSA-affiliated club met the requirements and all of your matches were reported and fees paid, you will be able to reaffiliate automatically.

All USPSA-affiliated club matches for the 2023 calendar year will need to be reported, activity fees paid and reaffiliation completed before the February 15th deadline to avoid a late fee. After March 15th, the affiliation for any club which has not reaffiliated will be terminated, and it will be required to affiliate as a new club.

Steel Challenge Shooting Association
There is no cost associated with affiliating a new Steel Challenge club if you already have a USPSA club. The requirements for an SCSA affiliate are to run three SCSA matches a year, and to include at least two of the eight official stages in each match. As soon as the club is affiliated, it can start uploading results and paying the activity fee of $1 per gun so that USPSA members can also become classified in the numerous SCSA Divisions.