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USPSA Board of Directors Meeting Agenda February 26, 2024 starting at 4:00 PM PT
USPSA Headquarters
Feb 16, 2024

USPSA Board of Directors Meeting Agenda
February 26, 2024, 1900 EST
via Video, Audio and Telephone Conference

USPSA Board of Directors and USPSA Directors

  • Call to Order
  • Roll Call
  • Approve Meeting Minutes
  • Approve Agenda

President’s Report

  • USPSA Mission Review, Bylaw 3.1
  • 2024 Committee Policy Review and Assignments

Director Reports

  • Managing Director
    • Financials
  • Director of Media, Marketing and Strategic Initiatives
    • F5 and Shooting USA proposal review
    • Match Classification review
    • Club re-affiliation update
  • Director of Information Technology
  • Director of Steel Challenge
  • Director of National Range Officer Institute

New Business

  • 2023 Board meeting minutes policy review
  • 2024 IPSC Nationals Planning Report
  • 2024 Nationals Planning Report
  • A3D 7.7 Formal Legal Opinion presentation and review
  • Trademark application review.
  • Limited Optics inclusion in Steel Challenge
  • Posting Livestream recording

Committee Reports

  • A4D Interim appointment committee


President's Closing Comments