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2024 Rifle World Shoot Update
USPSA Headquarters
Feb 23, 2024

The US region received 25 slots on the first distribution of slots for the 2024 Rifle World Shoot. An 8 person committee consisting of Leighton Oosthuisen, Jake Martens, Becky Yackley, Jeremy Gresham, Adam Maxwell, Josh Froelich, Reuben Aleckson, and Yee-min Lin was formed to determine slot allocation, with precedence given to division and category teams and the first alternates for those teams. After the initial down-select meeting, a blind ranked choice vote was taken by each committee member, with the weighted average of votes used to determine the final team and alternate selections.

The following teams and individuals have been selected for the first round of slots:

Overall Open
Daniel Horner
Kyle Litzie
Scott Greene
Tim Yackley
Alternate: AJ Anthony

Overall Standard
Aaron Hayes
Cody Leeper
Joe Easter
Sean Yackley
Alternate: Kelly Neal

Lady Open
Lanny Barnes
Lena Miculek
Justine Williams
Becky Yackley
Alternate: Lynda Turnbull

Lady Standard:
Candice Horner
Ashlynn Thomas
Reanna Kadic
Hannah Larsen
Alternate: Claudia Vidanes

Senior Open
Barry Dueck
Jojo Vidanes
Keith Garcia
Jerry Miculek

Brian Nelson

Congratulations to all those selected to represent the USA Region! I anticipate sending more competitors to represent the United States Rifle World Shoot delegation on successive slot distribution rounds.