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USPSA Board of Directors Meeting Agenda - April 22, 2024
USPSA Headquarters
Apr 12, 2024

USPSA Board of Directors Meeting

Monday, April 22, 2024, 1900 EDT

Zoom Meeting

USPSA Board of Directors and USPSA Directors

    • Call to Order
    • Roll Call
    • Waive 10.2 for Livestreaming
  • Approve Meeting Minutes
  • Approve Agenda

Old Business

  • Confidentiality discussion
  • A3D 7.7 Formal Legal Opinion presentation and review
    • Proposed bylaw change as follows in accordance with bylaw 15.1.ii:

WHEREAS popularly elected candidates have been not only removed from office but also barred from running again, depriving their Area or Region of the right of free choice of their candidates,


1. Bylaws 6.1.ix and 6.1.x are hereby removed from the organization's bylaws.

2. Bylaws 6.2.viii and 6.2.ix are hereby removed from the organization's bylaws.

This motion is effective immediately upon approval.

  • Member Discipline
  • Match classification policy

Survey questions

New Business

  • Social Media Policy review
  • Committee nominations
  • Activity based slots for WSSC
  • Instruct Rick B. to seek bids for an all inclusive scoring app
  • Mandate all 2024 nationals cannot be more than 10% over budget
  • All executive level travel needs to be scaled back

Director Reports

  • Managing Director
  • Director of Media, Marketing and Strategic Initiatives
  • Director of Information Technology
  • Director of Steel Challenge

Committee Reports



Direct Link: https://uspsa.org/announcement/882