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NROI Steel Challenge Range Officer Certification Seminar
USPSA Headquarters
Jun 18, 2024

NROI Steel Challenge Range Officer Certification Seminar

The NROI SCSA RO Seminar is now available to interested members or interested clubs. 

This seminar is intended to be completed in one day and will teach Range Officer basics along with Steel Challenge specific topics, including a live fire exercise.

Cost is the same as USPSA RO seminars: $40 per person, $800 minimum. Instructor housing, meals, and ground transportation are the responsibility of the hosting organization. More specific information on hosting seminars is found here: https://uspsa.org/pages/nroi/seminar

 If you already hold an SC endorsement as a certified Range Officer, you do not need to attend a seminar to retain that endorsement/certification.

Seminar requests for SCSA seminars are found here: https://uspsa.org/nroi_seminar/request

Please note that this is a busy season for all clubs and our instructors, so please keep some alternate dates in mind.


Direct Link: https://uspsa.org/announcement/898