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Classification Lookup System

Shooter Information
Shooter Name: David B
Member Number: TY88089
Joined USPSA: 10/23/14
Membership Expiry Date: Nov 01, 2023
RO Certification Info
RO Certification Level: RO
Multigun Endorsement: No
RO Certification Date: Dec 14, 2020
RO Certification Expiry: Dec 14, 2021
Open Class: U Pct: 0.0000 High Pct: 0.0000
Limited Class: B Pct: 67.6717 High Pct: 68.5880
Limited 10 Class: B Pct: 44.9190 High Pct: 49.7202
Production Class: B Pct: 63.9726 High Pct: 63.9726
Revolver Class: A Pct: 78.2764 High Pct: 78.2764
Single Stack Class: U Pct: 0.0000 High Pct: 0.0000
Carry Optics Class: B Pct: 55.7383 High Pct: 55.7383
PCC Class: B Pct: 63.1171 High Pct: 63.1171
Classification Scale
Class Description Range
GM Grand Master 95% - 100%
M Master 85% - 94.9%
A A Class 75% - 84.9%
B B Class 60% - 74.9%
C C Class 40% - 59.9%
D D Class 2% - 39.9%
U Unclassified N / A

Use the Classification Calculator to determine what your classifier percent would be based on a hit factor.

Classification Calculator

This is a full view showing all classifiers on file. If you would like a more concise view that shows only Y, F and P flagged classifiers

Switch to Concise View

Classifier Scores

Click the division names to view classifiers
PCC Classifiers (Click to Expand)
Carry Optics Classifiers (Click to Expand)
Revolver Classifiers (Click to Expand)
Production Classifiers (Click to Expand)
Limited 10 Classifiers (Click to Expand)
Limited Classifiers (Click to Expand)
Open Classifiers (Click to Expand)

Classifier Status Codes

This score is more than 5% below the minimum score for your current class and cannot be used. This flag is only applied at the time the match is uploaded, not with every classification run. Please note that you may have scores from your initial classification that are lower than more recent scores that are flagged B. This is because all scores regardless of percentage are used to determine your initial classification; however, after you have earned your initial classification only scores that are at higher than 5% below the minimum score for your class can be used. For example, for a C-class member, only scores that are higher than 35% will be used. This is also used if the score is less than 2%
This classifier was not used, since the score is below the minimum allowable based on the class in the other division (open/limited). For example, a 40% limited score for a member with an open class of A. 60% is the lowest allowable Limited score for an open \"A\" member. Your scores must be no more than one class lower than your classification in the other division to be accepted.
This classifier was not used since the stage was shot more than once, and there is a higher percentage on file which is within the most recent eight on file at the time the classification update process was run.
This classifier was not used since it is not in the most recent 8 on file (or most recent 6 for inititial classifications) at the time the classification update process was run. It may be used at subseqent runs of classification system if it is within the most recent 8 scores.
This classifier was not used as part of your current average because it was one of the two lowest percentages within the most recent six (for initial classifications) or eight on file at the time the classification update process was run.
This classifier was used when the last classification routine was run to calculate your current average. For initial classifications, the best four scores of the most recent six scores on file are used to calculate your classification. After you have earned your initial classification, the next time the classification system is run, your best six of the most recent eight scores on file will be used to calculate your current average. Because a Special Classifiers can earn you six score on the same match date, the scores are ranked in descending order by percentage to determine your most recent six or eight scores.

You will see a Y flag for all classifiers eligible to be used, even if you do not yet have the minimum required to calculate a classification, therefore, it is possible to have 1, 2 or 3 Y flags and still be U in the division.