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USPSA Match Results

Match Name

Palmetto State Armory USPSA Multigun Nationals Presented by Federal

Match Date


Results Uploaded

4/06/22 02:07:31 AM

Host Club

USPSA National Events

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Match Fee


Match type


Scoring Type

Time Plus

Additional Info

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Palmetto State Armory USPSA Multigun Nationals Presented by Federal
Date: 3/30/22
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Division GM M A B C D U X Total
Heavy Metal Limited 1 1
Heavy Metal Tactical 3 3
Limited 10 10
Open 56 56
Tactical 69 69
Total 139 139
Heavy Metal LimitedHeavy Metal TacticalLimitedOpenTactical
Overall OverallOverallOverallOverallOverall
Stage 1 - WANT SOME? GET SOME! Stage 1Stage 1Stage 1Stage 1Stage 1
Stage 2 - YOU GREW HANDS Stage 2Stage 2Stage 2Stage 2Stage 2
Stage 3 - I'M A LEAD FARMER Stage 3Stage 3Stage 3Stage 3Stage 3
Stage 4 - YOU MMMMMMMAKE ME HAPPY Stage 4Stage 4Stage 4Stage 4Stage 4
Stage 5 - THE SCRIPT READS ME Stage 5Stage 5Stage 5Stage 5Stage 5
Stage 6 - LOAD AND LOCK Stage 6Stage 6Stage 6Stage 6Stage 6
Stage 7 - TAKE A BIG STEP BACK Stage 7Stage 7Stage 7Stage 7Stage 7
Stage 8 - YO TUGGERNUTS IT'S A PECKER Stage 8Stage 8Stage 8Stage 8Stage 8
Stage 9 - I'M A LEAD FARMER II Stage 9Stage 9Stage 9Stage 9Stage 9
Stage 10 - MOTHER NATURE JUST PISSED HER PANTSUIT Stage 10Stage 10Stage 10Stage 10Stage 10
Stage 11 - I DON'T DROP CHARACTER Stage 11Stage 11Stage 11Stage 11Stage 11
Stage 12 - THIS HEAD MOVIE MAKES MY EYES RAIN Stage 12Stage 12Stage 12Stage 12Stage 12
Competitor or USPSA Number