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The Notification System

USPSA is proud to announce our newest membership benefit: The USPSA and Steel Challenge Notification System. This new feature allows subscribed members to receive notifications via push, text message, or email for a variety of conditions and announcements including Membership Expirations, NROI Expirations, Rules Changes, Major Matches near you, classification changes and more! You can easily change how you received notifications and what notifications you receive. 

To manage your notifications, you must first login to USPSA.org, then click your member number in the top right corner, and click notifications. Once on the notifications page, you can click manage notifications.

You can also click here: https://uspsa.org/profile/notifications

When you first visit the page, only email notifications will be enabled. You will need to setup text message notifications and push notifications if you wish to use them. 

Updating email address
The email address that is used for all notifications is the email address from your USPSA Profile. This can only be changed if you change your primary email address on your profile. Clicking change will take you to your profile to update this email address if needed.

Adding a Text Message Device

1. First Click Add Phone on the Notification Screen under Text Message
2. On the next screen you simply need to enter your Mobile Phone Number
3. Then click validate, this will send a code to the entered phone number to validate that you own it.
4. Enter the code you receive on the next screen.
5. Once validated you can now setup text message notifications for various notification options. 

Adding a Push Notification Device
1. To add a push notification device you must first install the USPSA App from your respective app store. 
2a. Once installed you need to open the app, then login, and you will receive a prompt to enable push notifications.
2b. If you already have the USPSA App installed, simply close, then re-open the app and you will receive a prompt to enable push notifications.
3. Once enabled you can setup push notifications for various notification options. 

Enabling Various Notifications
Once you have setup your preferred methods of communication, you can now start enabling the various notification options. This is as easy as finding the notification option and switching from OFF to ON for the preferred method of communication.

Notification Options Include

When your Membership or NROI is about to expire we will notify you. 

Results Posted
When a match is posted to USPSA/SCSA that you participated in, you will be notified.

Classification Change
Receive a notice when your classification in a division changes. 

Major Matches 
If a Level II or III match (Major Match) is published and is within 50 miles of your home address we will notify you. 

Rulings / Rule Changes 
Anytime a ruling or rule change is posted you will be notified. 

Membership Announcements 
When USPSA posts an announcement directly related to our membership you will received a notification. 

Club Announcements 
When USPSA posts an announcement directly related to our clubs you will receive a notification. 

Range Officer Requests 
Match Directors have a new tool available to them. If they are in need of help for a match they can contact certified officials near them, if you would like to be contacted for help enable this. More information can be found here.

For questions or help with the notification system, please email [email protected]