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NROI Seminar Information

USPSA + SCSA Range Officer Certification

Sep 14, 2019 - Sep 15, 2019
Cost: $45.00
RO Seminar
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Seminar Address
3057 W County Rd 1200 N, Brazil, IN 47834, USA
Contact Information
Stephen Brannan
[email protected]
(812) 201-6002
Nearest Airport
Indianapolis International Airport
13 of 25 Slots Available
Please pay attention to the following information:
Students may register for this seminar by logging in to USPSA.org, and then clicking (or copying and pasting) the registration link below. Register Here: https://uspsa.org/seminars/details/161 Cost is $45 total for both USPSA and SCSA Certifications. For students wishing to obtain only the Steel Challenge certification the cost is $25. The Steel Challenge portion will be held on Sunday afternoon starting around 1pm after the USPSA portion is complete. Arrive at the ProTEQ Range at or before that time. Day 1 will be a classroom portion to learn the rules of USPSA and SCSA and the responsibilities of a Certified Range Officer. Day 2 will be on the range at ProTEQ where each student will test their skills as a Range Officer. Each student will need 100 rounds of ammunition. Both days start at 8am. Bring a sack lunch both days as we will be dining in. We are not planning to make money on this event. We are offering it to the community to help grow the sport(s). Anyone who steps up to help RO is offering a service to the sport, so hat's off to anyone who is willing to do that. The fees collected go to USPSA to pay for the instructor to teach the course. With that being said, donations are accepted as we are responsible for the room and board of the instructor from Friday evening to Sunday afternoon. Thank you. A follow-up email will be sent the week before with any additional particulars about the course.
Accepted Payment Methods:
  • Cash (at Event)
  • Check (at Event)
  • Credit Card (on Club Website)