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NROI Seminar Information


Sep 19, 2020 - Sep 20, 2020
Cost: $45.00
RO Seminar
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Seminar Address
2440 Hunter Rd, Brighton, MI 48114, USA
Contact Information
Gary Johnson
[email protected]
(810) 355-5193
Nearest Airport
Detroit Metro (DTW)
15 of 20 Slots Available
Gary Johnson
Please pay attention to the following information:
Sorry for the last minute scheduling. I have received several requests and this is the only open weekend at LGC before November. We will start at eight on Saturday and should be finished around four. Sunday start is also eight and we will go until everyone has successfully completed the range exercise. The classroom and ranges are large enough for social distancing. Note: the contact phone number is my personal mobile and service in the building where I work is unreliable. If you call and don't get through leave a message and I will call back ASAP.
Accepted Payment Methods:
  • Cash (to Club)
  • Check (to Club)