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IPSC Nationals Registration/ World Shoot Selection Policy

The 2012 IPSC Nationals in Frostproof, Florida is now registering competitors.  To reserve your spot, go to the IPSC Nationals Registration Page.This is a World Shoot points match. For anyone vying to earn a World Shoot slot, the policy is copied below and is archived here.

World Shoot Team Selection Policy

1. This policy shall be effective Jan 1, 2012.

2. This policy shall be applied to USPSA National Handgun Teams listed below: -

  • Open
  • Open Lady
  • Open Junior
  • Open Senior
  • Standard
  • Standard Lady
  • Standard Senior
  • Production
  • Production Lady
  • Production Junior
  • Classic (Single Stack)
  • Revolver
  • 3. Nothing in this policy indicates a commitment or decision by USPSA to sponsor any teams at any specific level of amount.

    4. National Handgun Team members shall be selected through accumulation of points.

    5. Points shall be the percentage of match placement in that division in any eligible event. By way of example, if a member shoots 100.000%, that member will be deemed to have 100 points. If a member shoots 87.098%, that member will be deemed to have 87.098 points. If a member places first in category with 80.098 %, that member will have 80.098 points.

    6. Division and/or category points may only be earned in the division and/or category shot at eligible matches. (Example: Production division points are only earned from shooting Production division at an eligible USPSA Handgun National Championship or US IPSC National Championship match).

    7. Division team selection will use results shot only in that division. Standard team selection will use only Limited or Standard division results. Open team selections will use only Open division results. Production team selection will use only Production division results. Classic team selection will use only Single Stack or Classic division results. Revolver team selection will use only Revolver divisions results.

    8. For the purposes of this selection policy, Categories are intended to comply with the IPSC definitions. For example, a Junior is defined as "A competitor who is under the age of 21 on the first day of the 2014 IPSC World Shoot".

    9. In order to minimize any possibility of inadvertent database oversight, competitors in contention for any potential Category team are solely responsible to identify themselves to the USPSA Director of National Range Officer Institute/Team Manager prior to the start of the 2012 Nationals match. Failure of the competitor to identify himself/herself as such may result in being excluded from team selection.

    10. Points shall be earned in the following manner: The points from the best three of the following four qualification matches will be added together.

    1. 2012 USPSA National Championship
for the specific division selected
    2. 2012 US IPSC National Championship
    3. 2013 USPSA National Championship
 for the specific division selected
    4. 2013 US IPSC National Championship

    11. A member may shoot as many qualification matches as they desire, but only the three matches with the highest point total shall count. It is the responsibility of the member to verify his/her point total and bring any discrepancies to the attention of USPSA HQ prior to the announced deadline.

    12. Under this policy, in order to earn all available points, members must shoot a minimum of three matches, but nothing in this policy shall limit the minimum or maximum number of matches that a member elects to shoot.

    13. 2014 World Shoot team slots will be offered to:

    1. The highest ranked competitor based on qualification points. Selection will continue in descending qualification order until three team positions have been formally accepted.
    2. The fourth team position will be appointed by the USPSA Director of National Range Officer Institute/Team Manager.

    14. Any ties in qualification point positions affecting Items 13a will be broken, if necessary, using the results of qualification match(es) in which the tied competitors each finished the match(es) with a positive score. The results of the most recent such match will be used. If necessary, results from the next most recent such match(es) will be used until the tie(s) is/are sufficiently resolved.

    15. Should any team position become vacant at a point in time where the application of the provisions of Section 13 and 14 is no longer functional or feasible, the USPSA Director of National Range Officer Institute/Team Manager shall have the authority to name a suitable, available, and willing competitor to fill that position.

    16. Any competitor who earns a US Team slot will be expected to represent Team USA for their respective Division/Category, even if not financially supported by USPSA. Team agreements will be distributed with more detailed info regarding responsibilities and expectations.

    17. Following the 2014 World Shoot, the Board of Directors shall reexamine this policy for potential use for the following World Shoot. The BOD may, at its discretion, continue, amend, or redefine this policy as it sees fit.


    World Shoot Individual Slot Distribution Policy

    1. All US slots for the 2014 World Shoot will be earned based on the points system utilized in the current World Shoot Team Selection Policy above.

    2. World Shoot Teams listed in item 2 of this policy will be given 1st priority of 2014 World Shoot slots.

    3. Remaining WS slots will be awarded to individual competitors with the highest points total using the World Shoot Team Selection points system.
    - For example, after the final slot is awarded to the US Teams, the competitor with the highest point total who did not qualify for a team will be offered a slot.

    4. The points for individuals will be posted and available for a reasonable period of time prior to slot distribution. It is the responsibility of the member to verify his/her point total and bring any discrepancies to the attention of USPSA HQ prior to the announced deadline.

    5. Competitors may combine different Division results to obtain points totals.

    6. Non-team slots awarded are NOT division specific. In other words, a competitor who earns a slot based on their Production point total may compete at the World Shoot in a different division.

    7. Ten (10) WS slots will be assigned to the Regional Director to use at his discretion.

    The USPSA Board of Directors retains the authority to refine or modify these policies if it deems such action necessary or appropriate, and nothing in this policy statement shall establish a contractual obligation on the part of USPSA


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