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United States Practical Shooting Association

Certified Ammunition Policy

An ammunition manufacturer may apply to be part of the USPSA Certified Ammunition Program as defined in rule 5.8 and Appendix C3 of the 2020 USPSA Competition Rules, provided they:

  • • Present their ATF license to produce ammunition (06 or 10)
  • • Present their Federal Tax ID
  • • Produce no less than 500,000 rounds annually of each submitted loading
  • • Provide the specific caliber and bullet weight
  • • Provide their testing procedures for:
    • o Quality Control
    • o Velocity
    • o Bullet Weight
    • o Specific tracking information for results, i.e., lot number or similar
  • • Provide the product description/model number/SKU
  • • Provide the test results for the designated SKU semi-annually
  • • Assert that the ammunition achieves the required power factor for USPSA Major and Minor, as fired through a consumer-available firearm.
  • • Submit a minimum of 50 rounds of each SKU to DNROI or his delegate semi-annually for evaluation
  • • Provide information describing the intended method of distribution, e.g., direct ship to consumers, retail sales, etc.
  • • Certify that all ammunition produced is available for sale to the general public.

USPSA will provide an electronic form for the required information and will maintain a list of Certified Ammunition suppliers on the USPSA web page.

Approved ammunition will be qualified as Certified Ammunition for 2 years as long as the manufacturer supplied samples are received on schedule, meet the declared power factor, and testing data is provided as appropriate.

USPSA can amend the Certified Ammunition Policy/Program with 60 days notice.
A Manufacturer can request to be removed from the list at any time.

The electronic application form can be found at this link.

If you have questions that are not answered here or on the application, email [email protected]