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USPSA Club Affiliation Information

Requirements for a New USPSA Club

1. Club facilities and matches must be open to any member of USPSA

2. The club must have at least 10 current USPSA members. They may submit membership applications and fees at the same time the club applies for affiliation. A list of members and their USPSA numbers must accompany affiliation application.

3. The official club contact or representative to USPSA must be a current USPSA member.

4. The club must follow USPSA rules and activity submission requirements.

5. The new club affiliation fee is $75.00

6. Clubs are encouraged to be part of a section. If they are part of a section, they must get approval from the section coordinator in their area, and have him/her sign the application both front and back. Independent clubs receive approval directly from the President along with the concurrence of the Area Director, to become an independent club.

7. No two clubs may use the same name. Similar names and the use of initials instead of a name are discouraged.

8. Clubs outside the United States may also participate in the classification system by becoming Foreign Classifier Affiliates (FCAs). They pay $200 annually to register their group. The initial application must be accompanied by a list of 10 current USPSA members (see #2 above); the official club contact must also be a USPSA member.

Club reaffilations

1. The affiliation year runs from January 1 to December 31. The fee for reaffiliation is $50; clubs have until February 15 to reaffiliate. After February 15 a $15 late fee is assessed. After March 15 clubs must re-apply and pay the $75.00 new club fee, submit a list of 10 USPSA members in their club. These applications must also be signed by the section coordinator. Any club that has not reaffiliated or affiliated anew by April 1 will be dropped from the records.

2. To qualify for reaffiliaton, a club must hold a minimum of seven USPSA matches per year, four of which must be classifier matches, and submit the required paperwork and activity fees to the Headquarters office.

3. If due to unforseen circumstances such as weather, loss of range facilities or loss or illness of key personnel, a club cannot fulfill its minimum activity requirement, the club president or official contact may request an exemption. Exemptions must be requested in writing to Headquarters during the last part of the year and should be confirmed by the Section Coordinator. Exemptions are granted on a case-by-case basis for the following year only.

4. A club may apply in writing to change sections or become independent through the President of USPSA. The club should have prior written approval of both section coordinators in question, or be able to justify this request in writing with verifiable facts.

5. All affiliated and reaffiliated clubs need to provide USPSA with the name of their official USPSA representative or club contact, together with an address, telephone number and email address which can be disseminated to the members or other interested persons via publication in the Front Sight and such on-line electronic services as the USPSA web page. (The web page lists city and state only) If any addresses, phone numbers, etc. are not be given out, arrangements must be made with USPSA headquarters in writing at the time of affiliation or reaffiliation, in which case other information is requested, such as a post office box instead of street address.

6. All official club contacts/representatives must be current USPSA members.

Current Activity Fees Schedule: **

Level I Match - without classifier
$1.50 per registered competitor per division.

Level I Match - with 1 classifier
3.00 per registered competitor per division.

Level I Match - with 2 classifier stages
$4.00 per registered competitor per division.

Level I Match - with 3 classifier stages
$5.00 per registered competitor per division.

Level I Match - with 4 classifier stages
$6.00 per registered competitor per division.

Level I Match - with 5 or 6 classifier stages
$6.50 per registered competitor per division.
Level II Match - without classifier
$2.50 per registered competitor per division.

Level II Match - with 1 classifier
$4.00 per registered competitor per division.
Level III Match - with up to 2 classifiers
$5.00 per registered competitor per division.
** All activity fees are subject to change based on USPSA Board of Directors review and directive.