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USPSA Production Gun List

These are the steps and criteria for a handgun to be accepted to the Production gun list.

  • 1. 2000 manufactured and available to the general public .
  • 2. No magwell attachments or external flaring of the magwell, the lateral internal width of the well may not be more than 1/4" wider than the lateral width of the magazine. The lateral width of the well to mean the narrow width where the mainspring housing is inserted, the lateral width of the magazine to mean the narrow side that faces the mainspring housing when inserted into the handgun.
  • 3. Must meet the criteria listed in the appendix of the current rule book as well as that listed above.
  • 4. The gun must be viewed by NROI prior to its acceptance.
  • 5. A production gun approval form filled out and signed and returned to NROI.

Click here for a printable PDF version.

Arsenal/International Firearm Corporation

Website: www.arsenalfirearms.com
Notes: 5" barrel, 9mm and .40 S&W


Website: www.beretta.it
Notes: (no single-action only variants or laser equipped models allowed) (Inox versions of approved models allowed)

Century Arms/CANIK

Website: www.canikusa.com
Notes: All Canik models added May 23 2017 2018: All models approved with slide racker/ambi cocking lever removed for CO and Production


Website: www.coltsmfg.com
Notes: Any DAO or DA/SA revolver with a barrel length of up to 8.5" is approved


Website: https://fimegroup.com/store/
Notes: Models with extra/extended capacity (+2) magazines will not fit the USPSA or IPSC boxes. Models with standard magazines fit. Any approved model must fit the box with all magazines.


Website: www.glock.com
Notes: (L models are not approved) C models are allowed providing that the barrel is non-ported and the other requirements are met. Short Frame (SF) versions of models approved.


Website: www.smith-wesson.com
Notes: (Any DAO or DA/SA revolver with a barrel length of up to 8.5" is approved) All ported models of approved guns are approved for use in Production and Carry Optics, as long as the barrel is not ported. SD9VE/SD40VE added 10/13/16 M&P9M2.0 added 01/20/2017 XD Mod 2 added 2/8/17


Website: www.sigsauer.com
Notes: No SAO (Single action only) versions are approved. No models allowed with Blackwater custom magwell grips, or others that extend down to form magwells. 226 and 229 Legion models added 6/20/2016 All calibers of the Sig Model P320 are allowed. P229 Nitron DAK 9mm/.40 added 9/9/16 5/5/17 Sig 320 X5 added: Magwell must be removed for Production, weight is with magwell removed. Magwell is not legal for Carry Optics. P320 X Carry, P365, and P320 X-VTac added 5/31/18.


Website: www.tanfoglio.it
Notes: (Stock Custom model is NOT approved for Production Division) Weights for some Stock II and III pistols changed 91616


Website: www.taurususa.com
Notes: Compensated Models not allowed. Any DAO or DA/SA revolver with a barrel length of up to 8.5" is approved. All listed models must be DAO, DA/SA or with a decocker only.


Notes: DAO, DA/SA, Decocker only models