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USPSA Upcoming Seminars

Seminar Start Date Seminar Name Level Location
10-12-2024 Oak Park Sportsman's Club - CRO Course CRO Plainfield, IL
9-28-2024 Solano Targetmasters - RO Course RO Davis, CA
8-10-2024 Laser Ninja Dragon League - RO Course RO Odessa, TX
8-03-2024 Cardinal Practical Shooters - CRO Course CRO Marengo, OH
8-03-2024 Area 6 Uspsa/ipsc - CRO Course CRO Belton, SC
8-03-2024 Southern Utah Practical Shooters - CRO ... CRO Washington, UT
7-20-2024 Eastern Wa. Practical Shooters - RO Cou... RO Benton City, WA
7-13-2024 North Carolina Section - RO Course RO Creedmoor, NC
6-29-2024 Crooked Falls Practical Shooters - RO C... RO Great Falls, MT
6-22-2024 Salt Lake Practical Shooting Assn. - RO... RO Salt Lake City, UT
6-15-2024 Rio Salado Practical Pistol - RO Course RO Mesa, AZ
6-08-2024 Area 6 Uspsa/ipsc - RO Course RO Belton, SC