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NROI Work Records Feature
USPSA Headquarters
May 09, 2018

NROI has a new web page feature that will enable Range Officers certified at any level to enter a work record. This is voluntary for Range Officers and Chief Range Officers, but mandatory for certified Range Masters as it is part of the recertification process. The record will link to the match as entered on the Form C and calendar. It’s a simple process, and will allow range officials to track their work, as well as provide a reference to Match Directors and Range Masters looking for staff or looking to vet unknown staff applicants for their match. It will also aid the RM Instructors in determining eligibility for Level II seminars. Once you are logged in on the USPSA web page, on any classification Record, and your personal profile there is now a link under the certification information that will allow you to view work records for any member.

Here is a sample work record:

If you are looking at your work record, you can click add at the top right and add a work record:

For questions about this new feature please email [email protected]