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TechwearUSA Partnership Announcement
USPSA Headquarters
Jul 02, 2020
BURLINGTON, WA, July 2, 2020 - Formalizing a strategic alliance years in development, Mike Foley, President and CEO of the United States Practical Shooting Association (USPSA), today announced that TechwearUSA will become the official and sole supplier of USPSA-branded competition gear and lifestyle merchandise. “Partnering with TechwearUSA to broaden the offering of USPSA merchandise to members and practical shooting enthusiasts will go a long way toward building awareness of our sport and the work we do at USPSA to support affiliate clubs, matches and members,” he said, adding that TechwearUSA will contribute a portion of every sale to USPSA.  “TechwearUSA has long been a generous supporter of USPSA, but this expansion of their commitment to, and support of, USPSA is expected to significantly enhance our ability to support our members, our matches and our educational programs.”

TechwearUSA, founded as a garage-based business by Bob Novak and Joe Procopio, both of whom are avid practical shooters, has grown to become the leading supplier of high-performance custom competition shirts. “As shooters ourselves, we knew what we needed to compete effectively and comfortably. We also quickly learned what sponsors expected in terms of their brand recognition,” said Bob Novak. 

From that founding idea, TechwearUSA has grown the business to encompass custom, customized and stock apparel and gear, and added silk-screening and embroidery to its original edge-to-edge dye sublimation production techniques. Alexis Lasser, CEO of TechwearUSA, said, “the loyalty and support of practical shooting sports competitors and enthusiasts has been key to our company’s growth over the years, and it is tremendously gratifying now to be in a position where we have the capacity to dramatically expand our USPSA shop to encompass a far wider range of products and production techniques to support USPSA.”

Lasser notes that USPSA shop will expand gradually over the first few months of this new USPSA/TechwearUSA alliance, beginning with a limited edition, custom design Tee for July, what she called, “America’s season of independence.”  Now more than ever, she said, “we have to celebrate America’s greatest values.”

The United States Practical Shooting Association (USPSA) is the national governing body of practical shooting in the United States. With over 34,000 active members and more than 500 affiliated clubs, USPSA is the largest practical shooting organization in the United States. For more information about USPSA, contact [email protected]

About TechwearUSA
TechwearUSA is part of SportCo, Inc., a unique family of branded products conceived, designed, and manufactured in the USA for shooting sports competitors, enthusiasts and fans. The company is family-owned and operates out of its Long Island headquarters in Holbrook, NY. For more information about TechwearUSA, visit techwearusa.com or contact Alexis Lasser at [email protected]

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