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2024 Nationals for Section and performance earned slot codes, Pre-registration, and Open Registration.
USPSA Headquarters
Feb 02, 2024

Nationals match fee will be $400 to account for rising costs and combined with cost cutting measures to run a quality and fiscally disciplined championship series.
Carry Optics Nationals June 26-30th
- HQ will Generated slot codes and sent to Section/Clubs and Performance Earners on January 5th
-Preregistration for slot earners - Feb 2nd 5:00 PM PST till March 14th 11:00 PM PST 
-Open Registration - March 15th 5:00 PM PST to June 22nd 11:55 PM PDT 
Handgun Nationals September 11-15th
- HQ will Generate slot codes and send to Section/Clubs and Performance Earners - March 22nd 
-Preregistration for slot earners - April 19th 5PM PST till May 30th 11:00 PM PDT 
-Open Registration - May 31st 5PM PDT till September 7th 5:00 PM PDT 
Open & PCC Nationals October 16-20th
- HQ will Generate slot codes and send to Section/Clubs and Performance Earners - April 26th 
-Preregistration for slot earners - May 24th 5:00 PM PDT till July 5th 11:00 PM PDT
-Open Registration - July 6th 5:00 PM PDT till October 12th 11:00 PM PDT