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Financial Update - June 2024
USPSA Headquarters
Jul 02, 2024

To coincide with the Carry Optics Nationals membership meeting, the board has prepared the following update on our financial status.

As of May 31st, revenue was approximately 5% higher than budgeted compared to the budget approved during the May board meeting, and expenses were trending 5% lower than budgeted.

We are closely monitoring CO Nationals. Currently, CO Nationals revenue is 8% higher than budgeted, and expenses are 12% higher than budgeted. This is primarily due to missing the forecast on staff and competitor jerseys. Based on what we have learned, we are adjusting the forecasts for Handgun and Open/PCC nationals.  Final expenses for CO Nationals are due 30 days after the match at which time we will have a complete picture of the revenue and costs for the match.

While this is generally good news, we have three national events and seven months remaining in the year. We are continuing to improve our process for accurately tracking expenses and have set a strict 30-day cutoff for submission. Once we have the results from the year's first half, we will update our forecast and budget, ensuring our financial position continues to improve.

We have received the reviewed 2023 financials from our independent accounting firm and will be publishing them to the membership as soon as they are approved, in the next few weeks.

- The USPSA Board of Directors


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