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The SIG Sauer 2024 Carry Optics Nationals Presented by Vortex Optics
USPSA Headquarters
Jul 06, 2024
Over 20 stages, 514 competitors battled it out in the USPSA Carry Optics Nationals. Carry Optics is the largest division in USPSA competition, and the field was stacked for this year's National Championship.
The Cardinal Shooting Center in Marengo, OH, welcomed the best shooters in the world for this year's event, and they were not disappointed with the mix of challenges and options that faced them from June 26th to 30th.
Congratulations to all the overall, national, class, and category winners.

US National Champion - Jacob Hetherington
Ladies National Champion - Justine Williams

The Top 10 Overall
1-Eric Grauffel
2-Edcel Gino
3-Martin Kamenicek
4-Jacob Hetherington
5-Jay Beal
6-Christian Sailer
7-Brantley Merriam
8-JJ Racaza
9-Mason Lane
10-Garran Singleton

1st Master Class Carry Optics Ben Egelston
2nd Master Class Carry Optics Casey Reed
3rd Master Class Carry Optics Kevin Izatt

1st A Class Carry Optics Luke Faust
2nd A Class Carry Optics James Ramos
3rd A Class Carry Optics Grant Schorbach

1st B Class Carry Optics Wayne Bird
2nd B Class Carry Optics Nick Evans
3rd B Class Carry Optics Eric Wong

1st C Class Carry Optics Sifei Han
2nd C Class Carry Optics John Yuan
3rd C Class Carry Optics Cooper Runyan

High Female Carry Optics Justine Williams
2nd Female Carry Optics Ashley Robertson
3rd Female Carry Optics Morgan Leonhardt

High Law Enforcement Carry Optics Erik Schall
2nd Law Enforcement Carry Optics Jeremy Story
3rd Law Enforcement Carry Optics Wesley Cronin

High Military Carry Optics Jacob Hetherington
2nd Military Carry Optics Payton Garcia
3rd Military Carry Optics Christian Magaling

High Junior Carry Optics Morgan Leonhardt

High Senior Carry Optics Henning Wallgren
2nd Senior Carry Optics Roy Stedman
3rd Senior Carry Optics Zuoming Zheng

High Super Senior Carry Optics Maxient Michel Sr
2nd Super Senior Carry Optics Frank Paxhia

High Distinguished Senior Carry Optics Thomas Smith
2nd Distinguished Senior Carry Optics Richard Ascher

Title Sponsor: SIG Sauer

Presenting Sponsor: Vortex Optics

Class Winners Sponsors: The Blue Bullets

Stage Sponsors:
Red Hill Tactical
Midwest Shooting Center
Team AC
Italian Firearms Group
Excliber Ammunition
Berry's MFG
Hunters HD Gold
Henning Group
Cardinal Practical Shooters/Area 5
The Blue Bullets
Walter Arms

Gold Sponsors:
S3 Range Carts
C-More Systems
Warne Scope Mounts

Silver Sponsors:
Carver Customs
LOK Grips
MBX Extreme
Ghost USA
Make Ready Shooters Tables
Precision Defense

Donor Sponsor:
Tachyon Inc

Official Eyewear - Hunters HD Gold
Official Timer - AMG Lab
Official Apparel - ZeroSports


Direct Link: https://uspsa.org/announcement/905