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Instructor Profile for Jodi Humann

Jodi Humann Profile Picture
Biography Information

Jodi has been shooting USPSA matches since 2008 and joined USPSA in 2010. She earned her RO certification in 2011, CRO certification in 2012, completed the RM program in 2015, and was invited to become a RMI in 2018.  In January 2019, Jodi became one of the Assistant Directors of NROI.

Jodi calls the clubs of the Inland Empire Section in central and eastern Washington State her home clubs and has helped with the annual Inland Empire Sectional since 2010. Jodi also loves to design stages when she isn’t too busy with working matches, NROI related stuff, and that thing called a job.

Jodi is a Research Associate in the Department of Horticulture at Washington State University. She currently works in a bioinformatics lab that hosts multiple crop databases and provides online tools for genome analysis.