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Instructor Profile for George Jones

George Jones Profile Picture
Biography Information

George resides in northern New Jersey has been shooting USPSA since 1996.  He received his RO certification in 1998 and CRO in 2000.  He completed the Range Master program in 2004.  In 2006 he was recruited to be a Range Master Instructor (RMI) and has been actively teaching Level I / Level II classes and mentoring Range Master candidates ever since. 

George has also served USPSA as the Match Director for an indoor club he started and ran for ten years.  He served two terms as the Area 8 Director, during which time he served on the Rules and Bylaws committees.  George has served as CRO in multiple Nationals matches and as Range Master for a number of Area and Sectional Championships and was pleased to serve as a CRO at the 2016 USPSA Championship match in the Philippines.

In addition to regularly participating USPSA matches, George also competes in Steel Challenge.  Having now retired after fifty years in the helicopter business as a military and commercial pilot and instructor, George enjoys traveling, both for USPSA classes and for family and personal trips.