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Instructor Profile for Joseph Worden

Joseph Worden Profile Picture
Biography Information

In the early 1980’s I was introduced to Combat Shooting at the Midwest Practical Shooting Association. Over the next several years I was just a shooter using a 1911 Single Stack in 45 ACP. Currently, I am a B Open shooter and C everything else. I mostly shoot Single Stack and Production.

In 1987 I attended a Level 1 course and later became CRO after attending a class in Wisconsin. Out of this class we ended up with 5 RMs and 4 Instructors over the years. In1995 I was certified as a Rangemaster.  

I have worked Local, Sectional and Area matches as either a CRO or RO and continue to do so.

I began working the Nationals in 1991. I have worked every Handgun Nationals since. I have also worked a number of 3-Gun and Multi-Gun Nationals as a CRO or RM. I was appointed the RM for the Single Stack Classic after it moved to PASA. I have worked as the RM for 21 SSC or Single Stack Nationals.

I began teaching for USPSA in 1993 as a CRO-I. I took the RM course in 1995 with one goal, to change it from a Match Directors program to a true Rangemaster Program. I worked with John Amidon and used materials developed by John Wells to set-up the updated Program in the late 1990s. This program continues to evolve along with our sport.

Kevin Imel and I updated the Level 2 program to make it a more useful program for CROs working major matches. With the addition of the Boot Camp Option as conceived by Ray Hirst it has become a much more useful program.

I continue to teach all levels of courses. I enjoy working with new RO and CRO students. That is also why I still enjoy working stages at all levels of matches.

See you on the ranges.