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Area Marketing Plan - NROI Subsidy

Area Marketing Plan NROI Subsidy Guidelines

1. A club wanting to hold a seminar but reluctant to do so because it may be unable to fulfill the minimum requirement for 20 students should first schedule the class with NROI. Note the desire to obtain Area Marketing Plan funds when you request the seminar.

2. After the seminar has been scheduled with NROI, written application for financial assistance can then be made to the club's area director.

3. When requesting financial assistance using AMP funds, the club must send the area director a copy of the letter confirming the seminar, with a cover letter telling the number of students expected and a copy of the request to NROI.

4. Once AMP subsidy funds have been approved for the seminar, the area director will notify the club in writing and send a copy of his approval to NROI.

5. If more students attend the seminar, the club is obligated to forward the additional fees to NROI.

Be assured that if your club wants to hold a NROI seminar, everything possible will be done to see that it happens. NROI is working hard to help all the clubs; all your club needs to do is reach out and ask for the help.