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NROI New Club Free Seminar Program

Several years ago, the USPSA BOD passed a resolution which allowed newly affiliated clubs to get a free RO seminar. Part of the resolution states: “Whereas, NROI Range Officer training should be as widely available and as easily accessible as possible to all USPSA-affiliated clubs and individual USPSA members…” In order to fulfill that resolution, a policy was put together and distributed in the club program manual that each new USPSA club receives upon affiliation. That policy was somewhat restrictive with regard to the requirements to be met for the free seminar. NROI has revised the policy in order to expand the timing to help new clubs fulfill the requirements. The new policy is as follows:

· The club must properly maintain its USPSA affiliation. Failure to properly report any information for any program (for example, misrepresenting actual participation by division in classifiers) to USPSA shall disqualify it from the program.

· The club must have conducted 12 USPSA matches during the first 15 months after affiliation, and properly reported those matches to USPSA.

· The club must have shot at least 12 classifiers during the first 15 months after affiliation, and properly reported and paid for said classifiers. All classifiers shot as part of special classifier matches will count towards the 12 classifier minimum.

· Upon completion of its eligibility requirements, the club must apply for a level one seminar within 30 days, using the online seminar request form. The person submitting the form must note that they are requesting the free new club incentive seminar in the comments box, and list the club code as well.

· NROI shall confirm the club’s eligibility for the free seminar. Once confirmed, an instructor will be assigned and the seminar confirmed on the NROI calendar.

· Free enrollment will be limited to 20 students. A $40.00 per person fee is due for all students over the initial 20.