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Level III Associated NROI Seminars

This is an opportunity to get a half-price seminar in conjunction with your Area Championship or other Level III sanctioned match. NROI suggests trying to hold the seminar at least a month prior to your match. The Area Director/Match Director must be involved in this process.

1. You must get permission to hold your seminar in association with the Level III match requesting the seminar.

2. Stage designs and descriptions should be submitted to the director of NROI 90 days prior to the Level III match. (This is somewhat flexible.)

3. Be sure to mark the request on the Seminar Request Form, and have your Area Director or Match Director check the box on the Form C requesting a seminar and identifying your club as the host.

4. The Seminar MUST be marked “Public” and open to all USPSA members.

5. NROI will provide one standard Level I or Level II seminar to support the event and will cover the travel expenses of the instructor to the site of the seminar. The host club is still responsible for housing, meals, and local transportation for the instructor.

6. There must be a minimum of 20 students for a Level I seminar or 10 students for a Level II seminar.

7. The fee for these tournament-associated seminars will be as follows:

* $400 up to 20 students, $40 per student over the initial 20 for Level I.

* $200 up to 10 students, $40 per student over the initial 10 for Level II.