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NROI Range Master Program

NROI Range Master Program


 Time in service as CRO of 24 months, minimum, with documentation of matches worked

 Level III on-range staff experience, RO or CRO. Stats work is not acceptable.

Online Presence: Be aware that your online presence (Facebook, Forums, etc.) will have an effect on both your acceptance and continuation in this program. We expect professional, decorous behavior at all times with regard to USPSA. Attitude is everything.

We do almost all of the modules involved in this program electronically. You will need a reliable computer, email, and the appropriate software to accomplish your goals.


Below is a short outline of the program exercises that you will be required to complete. Each exercise is explained in more detail further in the program manual, but this should give you an idea of the trouble you are in. (You can quit any time. It's easy. This program is not. You may be able to tie any ongoing match projects into parts of this program, or may be tasked with portions of ongoing National match projects—discuss this with your instructor .)

    Submit five of your best Level III stage designs. The design portfolio will consist of two long courses, two short or medium courses and one standard exercise. Each stage will be fully documented with: stage description, stage art, score card, Written Stage Briefing, prop list and a bay map to scale showing a safe fit of the stage in horizontal and vertical planes. These may be stages that you have on hand, or stages that you’ve drawn for an upcoming level III match, but they must be your original stages.
  • JOB-EX: Job Description
    You want to be a Range Master? Write a job description, discussing the responsibilities of the RM and describe how you expect to implement them. Anecdotal narrative is OK. Make this personal, we already know what the rulebook says.
  • CDR-EX
    Course Design Review - The Gomerville Gun Club has selected you as the RM for the Gomerville Tournament of Champions. Their Elders have submitted some stages for the match. They are, of course, quite sure that each gem is ready for the Nationals. (You should be so lucky. But you won't.) Your first duty is to review the stages they have submitted for suitability, safety, compliance with rules and policy, production problems, etc. You will tactfully discuss setup, safety and management concerns for these stages. You will recommend improvements ranging from modest fixes to bury it Downrange & Deep. You will, of course, find a tactful way to tell them to bury it Downrange & Deep. You may also be asked to review stages provided by your instructor for an actual match. This will be at the discretion of the instructor.

    This exercise goes together with –
  • SAFE-EX: Range Safety Analysis and Mapping
    Prepare range layout maps for your favorite local range. Fit the selected stages into available bays and graph to scale in plan and elevation views to check for ricochets, shoot thrus, etc. Discuss potential safety problems of stages. Make needed changes. Again, your instructor may provide actual match details for an upcoming event.
    Now you can see about documenting the stages for the match booklet in..
  • WALKIES: Stage documentation exercise
    Now that the stages have been reviewed, cleaned up, fitted to bays, made safe, it's time to document them. Prepare the following documents for each stage:
    • Stage description and drawing - suitable for a match booklet.
    • Prop & Gear List for each stage.
    • Written Stage Briefing for the CRO
    • A Master Prop List showing requirements for all stages combined (How many full targets, plates, poppers, partials of each type, etc.)
    • Usage table - # target changes, amount of paint, tape, etc. to buy to run the match for X# of shooters.
  • STAFF-EX: Setting up the range staff
    Based on the match you are working you will develop and set-up the staffing requirements. You will be asked to give your input on how to attract and retain staff.
  • SQUAD-EX: Prepare the squad model for the match
    Show where each stage will fit on the range map; show the sequence of stages in the model, design a suitable model for expected attendance, days of match, etc.
  • ARB-EX: Arbitration Exercises
    You will serve as the whole Arbitration Committee and rule on several interesting arbitrations from the NROI files. Write your opinions and back them up using the rules.
  • RULES-EX: Understanding USPSA Rules
    Your instructor will present you with several Nasty, Tricky Questions chosen from some Hot Potato Questions that the NROI staff have had dumped in their laps. (They love to share.) You want to be a RM? Then you make the ruling. Want to tune up - follow any online USPSA rules forum and try your hand at their questions.
  • PROB-EX: Tribulations 201 - dealing with problems
    I take as my text, the Book of Job 1:16, which I paraphrase in classic Wellsian allusion and metaphor (which you may enjoy):

    'While he was yet speaking, there came another and said, "The Grand Masters have found flaw with the match results and yea, they are lined up at Stats and screaming about the errors, the computers are down and I alone have escaped to tell you."'

    Each part of the program with the exception of the first two modules will be the basis of the "Gomerville Tournament of Champions" or another, actual match. As you work on the program, each part will be based upon your decisions as the Range Master of this Level III match. The success or failure of the match will depend on how well you are able to solve the problems presented for the Match Director. We then will give you situations to see how well you can administer the match as the Range Master.
  • RANGE-EX: The Practical Exercise
    Once you have successfully completed all the written modules, you will be expected to work a Nationals level match. Under controlled circumstances you will work as either a Chief Range Officer or Assistant RM under an experienced Nationals RM. In this way you will be able to see firsthand how all the sections of the program has prepared you for the varied duties of a Rangemaster. There will then be a final oral review and meeting with senior members of the Range Master Instructor Corps.

Download Range Master Application (in Adobe PDF format)
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