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USPSA National Championships

1977 John Kirkham              
1978 Ross Seyfried              
1979 Mickey Fowler              
1980 John Shaw              
1981 John Shaw              
1982 J. Michael Plaxco              
1983 Rob Leatham              
1984 Rob Leatham              
1985 Rob Leatham              
1986 Rob Leatham              
1987 Jerry Barnhart              
1988 Rob Leatham              
1989 Rob Leatham              
1990 Jerry Barnhart              
1991 Todd Jarrett              
1992 Jerry Barnhart              
1993 Matt McLearn Jerry Barnhart            
1994 Merle Edington Rob Leatham            
1995 Rob Leatham Jerry Barnhart            
1996 Jerry Barnhart Jerry Barnhart            
1997 Todd Jarrett Todd Jarrett            
1998 Todd Jarrett Rob Leatham            
1999 Jerry Barnhart Jerry Barnhart            
2000 Todd Jarrett Rob Leatham Ron Avery Ernest Langdon        
2001 Jerry Barnhart Rob Leatham Tommy Campbell Dave Sevigny        
2002 Todd Jarrett Rob Leatham Rob Leatham Todd Jarrett Jerry Miculek      
2003 Eric Grauffel* (Todd Jarrett) Rob Leatham Todd Jarrett Dave Sevigny Jerry Miculek      
2004 Eric Grauffel* (Max Michel, Jr.) Rob Leatham Michael Burrell* (Steve Broom) Dave Sevigny Jerry Miculek      
2005 Max Michel, Jr. Rob Leatham David Sevigny Dave Sevigny Jerry Miculek      
2006 M. Chris Tilley David Sevigny Max Michel Jr Rob Leatham Jerry Miculek Rob Leatham    
2007 Max Michel, Jr. Rob Leatham Rob Leatham Dave Sevigny Jerry Miculek Rob Leatham    
2008 M. Chris Tilley Travis Tomasie David Sevigny Robert Vogel Jerry Miculek Rob Leatham    
2009 Max Michel, Jr. Ted Puente David Sevigny Robert Vogel Cliff Walsh Rob Leatham    
2010 K. C. Eusebio Nils Jonasson Travis Tomasie Dave Sevigny Jerry Miculek Rob Leatham    
2011 Max Michel, Jr. Shannon Smith Robert Vogel Ben Stoeger Jerry Miculek David Sevigny    
2012 Eric Grauffel (Shane Coley) Blake Miguez Robert Vogel Eric Grauffel (Ben Stoeger) Jerry Miculek Nils Jonasson    
2013 Max Michel, Jr. Nils Jonasson Nils Jonasson Eric Grauffel (Ben Stoeger) Jerry Miculek Rob Leatham    
2014 Max Michel, Jr. Nils Jonasson Todd Jarrett Ben Stoeger Rob Leatham Nils Jonasson    
2015 Chris Tilley David Sevigny Nils Jonasson Ben Stoeger David Olhasso Phil Strader    
2016 Chris Tilley Nils Jonasson David Sevigny Alex Gutt Rob Leatham Nils Jonasson Max Michel, Jr.  
2017 Cody Baker  Shane Coley  Elias Frangoulis  Ben Stoeger Michael Poggie Jacob Hetherington Max Michel, Jr. Max Leograndis
2018 Simon "JJ" Racaza Simon "JJ" Racaza Casey Reed Ben Stoeger Michael Poggie Nils Jonasson Max Michel, Jr. Max Leograndis