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NROI Seminar Information

These are the steps to take if your club or section wishes to host an NROI Range Officer Seminar. It is VERY important that you read and understand these guidelines completely. Don't hesitate to ask if something is unclear or confusing.

The hosting club must be affiliated with USPSA and all students must be current USPSA members. The fee per student is $40, with a minimum of 20 students required. If the club cannot gather together the needed 20 students and agrees to pay an $800 minimum fee, a seminar can still be held. (See below under 'Budget' for further information on anticipated expenses.)

If an NROI certified instructor lives in your area, you may request that he conduct your class for fewer than the minimum number of students, provided there is no travel expense to USPSA/NROI. The fee is then $40 per person, with no minimum requirement.

There are several ways you may defray the cost of a seminar. First, you may request, with the Area Director’s (or Match Director if it’s not an Area Championship Match), permission to have the seminar in conjunction with their level III match. These Level III associated seminars are conducted at half price up to the first 20 students. Go Here for more information.

Additional financial assistance in hosting a seminar can be attained by obtaining an Area Marketing Plan NROI Subsidy. Under this provision, a club can host a seminar by taking advantage of available Area Marketing Plan funds. (A copy of the guidelines can be found <NROI Area Marketing Plan Subsidy Guidelines>. Note that AMP funds are usually limited, and will not subsidize the entire cost of the seminar.). New USPSA clubs may also request a free new club seminar. Information on that can be found here. Please note that any seminar requested under these programs must be listed as “Public” and available to any USPSA member in good standing.

It is good planning to survey the members in your area to alert them to the possibility of a class hosted by your club. Prior notification allows you to acquire a preliminary estimate of the number of students you may attract and to take advantage of word-of-mouth advertising for your seminar. Facebook and other social media can help you attract attendees.

REQUEST a seminar by using this link. If you have questions, please email the NROI coordinator, Terri Wilson, using [email protected] Your request must include at least two separate dates which are at least 45 days into the future; indicate which date is preferable, and include any special considerations, the name of the host club (the actual name, not the initials or “Bob’s club in Minnesota”), the club code, a contact person, a UPS shipping address, the city in which the class will be held and a telephone number/e-mail so that anyone interested can call or email for information.

WAIT for confirmation from NROI that the seminar has been scheduled. You can start signing up students when you receive the seminar confirmation email. The seminar will be listed on the USPSA “Find Seminars” tab under Member Resources. Using the link provided in the confirmation email, you can direct students to your seminar. This registration system is the only one you should use for class registration as there are several pre-seminar exercises that key off of the registrant’s email address, and the instructors and host club can communicate with the students easily and efficiently. The system also determines eligibility for the seminar.

BUDGET your expenses. NROI will fly the instructor, at our expense, to the nearest major airport. Some instructors may drive, and we cover that cost, too. Your club will be responsible for the instructor’s lodging at a local hotel/motel, meals and local transportation. The host club must arrange for these accommodations before the instructor’s arrival to insure a suitable room will be available. Some clubs add a share of the cost of these expenses into the fee charged each student. For instance, the class fee owed to USPSA per student is $40, but a club may wish to charge $60 to help cover the cost of the class expenses.

TWO (2) WEEKS BEFORE THE CLASS is scheduled to take place, confirm with the NROI Seminar Coordinator ([email protected]) an address for UPS delivery so that the class materials can be shipped. If the host club fails to contact NROI in a timely fashion and the materials can’t be sent UPS ground, the expedited shipping fees will be built into the cost of the seminar and due the first day.

USPSA/NROI must be notified of cancellations at least 25 days

before the class is scheduled to take place. Late cancellations may result in your club being responsible for payment of unrecoverable airline tickets.

Age restrictions—Level One Seminars
Juniors under the age of 13 may audit the seminar at no cost, space permitting, but cannot gain certification.

Juniors between 13 and 18 may attend and become certified, provided:

They are endorsed by at least 2 certified range officers that are not family members, (use this link to endorse a junior for a level one seminar)

Are accompanied by a parent or legal guardian during the seminar, and

Will be supervised by a parent or legal guardian while serving as a Range Official until they reach the age of 18

Age restrictions—Level Two Seminars

18 is the minimum age for CRO certification, no exceptions

The instructor will have the final say regarding certification, based on the student’s abilities and aptitude during the seminar. Please note: we cannot do delayed certifications.